• Central Office
    Central Office
  • Guntersville Elementary
    Guntersville Elementary
  • Cherokee Elementary
    Cherokee Elementary
  • Guntersville Middle
    Guntersville Middle
  • Guntersville High
    Guntersville High
  • 2013 Top Ten
    2013 Top Ten
  • General Via speaking at GMS
    General Via speaking at GMS
  • Annie Musical
    Annie Musical
  • Technology Students
    Technology Students
  • 2013 Mayor's Youth Council
    2013 Mayor's Youth Council
  • Bugs Alive at GES
    Bugs Alive at GES
  • Apple Race
    Apple Race

Welcome to  Guntersville City Schools

The mission of Guntersville City Schools is to ensure a
educational program in a safe learning environment,
maximizing student achievement and preparing successful citizens.