Economics 2018-2019


    Teacher: Mrs. Brown

    Room: A4



    Planning period: 6th

    Course description:


    Economics is a one-semester required course for the twelfth grade that focuses on functions and institutions of modern-day economic systems and economic theory.  Students use the knowledge and analytical-thinking skills learned in previous courses and grades to analyze issues and problems in contemporary economic systems. They examine the consequences of public policies and their impact upon current economic conditions.  Mastering economics knowledge and skills enables students to anticipate changes in economic conditions and to take appropriate action that improves their lives as well as society.



    • Chromebook device
    • Pen or pencil: blue or black ink for assignments
    • 3 ring binder or 3 prong folder (NO spiral notebooks!) You will need to be able to add handouts to your binder or folder
    • If any other supplies are needed throughout the year, I will let you know in advance.




    The structure of the course follows the Alabama Social Science Course of Study, as well as High School Economics, by the Council for Economic Education. Textbooks will be available while you are in my classroom.  Additional textbooks are available if you need to check out a book for any assignment. (See procedures for checking out a textbook)


    Course Requirements and Grading:


    Grades for this course are based on approximately 5-7 quizzes, 1 final, projects, several assignments throughout the year, and class participation. We will work in groups often and your grade is based off pulling your weight in your group.  You will receive a participation grade each 9-weeks that will be based on you actively participating in class and completing bell ringers each day. You will lose points on your participation grade for falling asleep, talking to others, or simply refusing to participate in our lesson for the day.   



    In this classroom we: FOCUS

    Find the courage it takes to be who we really are

    Open up to challenges so we can grow as a person

    Care and be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle

    Understand that dreams only work when we do

    Set ourselves up for success so anything can be possible



    • Attendance: It is imperative that you are at school each day...on time!  Even if

    your absence is excused there is no way for me to reteach the entire lesson from the day.

    Attendance is also a requirement for semester exam exemptions and school functions.  

    • Attention: I expect you as high school seniors to be active listeners while I am talking.  This includes, but is not limited to, lectures, giving instructions, going over assignments/reviews, etc.  Instructions and lectures will not be repeated so listen the first time. Always sit up straight in your desk facing forward.  The desks are not recliners nor

    designed to be sat on top of.  Doing so could result in damage to the desk or yourself.  

    You will be held responsible for the cost of replacing a desk should you intentionally

    damage it.  My chairs rock, literally!  While they are more comfortable than typical

    chairs, please rock at your own risk.  The floors are slick and when the chair flips

    back...you do too!

    • Bathroom:

    Rule #1-You must take my bathroom pass with you.  There is only one pass.

    Rule #2-You can be gone a maximum of 5 minutes.  Please let me know if

    you are having some sort of emergency that may take longer.  

    Rule #3-You must sign out legibly and sign back in.

    Rule #4-No signing out during the first or last 5 minutes of class or during


    Rule #5-No pit stops.  The pass is for the bathroom at the end of A-hall only.

    ***Failure to follow the above rules will lead to loss of bathroom privileges for

    the remainder of the year.  

    ***Please do not ask to visit the office, another classroom, the gym, etc.  

    • Materials: Please bring your own materials to class each day.  Not doing so can result in points off your participation grade.  
    • Computers: When we use your Chromebooks in the classroom, you should stay on the sites directed by me and inform me of any problems immediately.  
    • Electronics: Cell Phones and other electronic devices are prohibited from being out during my class.  You are seniors, there are no warnings! There should not be electronic devices on your desk or setting on top of your belongings during class.  Electronic devices are to be placed in the “Cell Corner” as you come in the room each day. While in the “Cell Corner” you may use the outlets provided to charge your device.  This is the only outlets in the room where this is permitted. You may retrieve your device from the “Cell Corner” at the end of class.
    • Entering the classroom: Enter the classroom quietly and in a timely manner. If you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings, you are late.  3 tardies to class = referral to office. You will have a bell assignment in Google Classroom everyday before the bell rings for class to begin. Immediately begin this assignment as soon as you are seated. There should be no talking during this time.  There is also NO food or drink allowed in the classroom. If you happen to make it down the hall with it, throw it away in the trashcan as you walk in the door.
    • Exiting the classroom: If you are allowed to leave the room, please do so quietly and without disturbing other students. Remember we are in a learning environment.  If you happen to finish early for the day, please remain in your seat until the bell rings.
    • Assignments: Most of the class assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom.  In the cases when papers are turned in, please write your name and the date at the top right hand corner and turn in the the trays located on the bookshelf beside my desk. If you are having problems finishing your assignments in the amount of time given, please come talk to me.  

    If you are caught cheating on an assignment or exam, you will receive a zero and be

    written a referral to the office (for NHS purposes only).  Helping someone on an

    assignment is different from giving them your paper to copy.  Helping is ok, cheating is

    not!  Neither helping nor cheating is allowed during a test.  

    • Make-up work: It is your responsibility to see me about make-up test/assignments. Your optional times for make-up tests are 3rd and 6th period, 2:00-3:00 on Wednesday/Thursday, or during academic opportunity. You are responsible for your own make-up assignments. All assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  Make up assignments are only accepted if your absence is excused and the assignment(s) are turned in during the 5 day period following your absence. *This is strictly enforced*
    • Other procedures:
    • If you need to checkout a textbook to take home, get one of the books from the shelf (NOT from a desk) and check out the book with me.  You are responsible for letting me know when you bring the book back. You are also responsible for covering the cost of any damages or lost books that you check out through the year.
    • In case of a fire, the bell will have 3 short bursts. We will quietly and calmly exit the classroom and exit through the doors at the end of this hallway and continue outside until we are in the grass on the other side of the drive. There should be no talking during this time. Once we are outside, I will proceed to call role. If you are not present, you are considered skipping and will be referred to the office.
    • In case of severe weather, there will be one long bell. We will quietly and calmly exit the classroom and proceed to the English Lab. There should be no talking during this time. Once everyone is in place, I will proceed to call role. If you are not present, you will receive a referral to the office.
    • In case of a lockdown, stay in the classroom and get up against the front wall, low to the ground. I will lock the classroom door and turn off the lights.
    • In case of a soft lockdown, stay in the classroom.  No one may enter exit the school building.
    • In case of an evacuation, we will exit the building and walk across the parking lot into the grass. I will check attendance and as a group we will proceed to the  evacuation holding site. There should be NO cell phone use during this time! If you are not present, you will be reported to Mrs. Mabrey/Mr. Harbison.