• Expectations/Requirements/Rules

    Health Science

    Hanna Bright, RN, BSN

    1. Adhere to ALL rules noted in the student handbook.

    2. Please come to class prepared! That means you should have your Health Science notebook, paper, and a pen or pencil everyday. This also includes any other items that are assigned for you to bring.

    3. Blue ink, black ink, or pencil must be used when doing classwork, homework, or tests.

    4. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with assignments and when they are due.

    5. If you are absent, please check the designated folder to see what you missed. If you missed a test, see me either before or after class to schedule a make-up time.

    6. No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in the classroom, unless special permission has been given on that day. Bottled water is permitted.

    7. If you wish to speak, please raise your hand to be recognized, by the teacher, before doing so.

    8. The bell is the signal for teachers; you are not dismissed until the teacher dismisses you.

    9. Interrupting the teacher when she is busy with others is not allowed unless it is an emergency.

    10. Be seated in your desk before the tardy bell rings.

    11. Upon entering the room, look on board for daily objectives, bellringers, and assignments.

    12. Borrowing items from the teacher’s desk/classroom is not allowed without permission.

    13. Talking is NOT allowed when a visitor comes into the room. You should continue working.

    14. Resting or sleeping is NOT allowed in class.

    15. Be respectful to others!

    16. No electronic devices of any type.

    17. Write your name, date, and class period in the top right hand corner of ALL assignments.

       18. All fees are due by October 5 unless you are in the Body Systems & Functions class, which is due by October 31. If you have a special circumstance, please schedule a time to discuss with me. All unpaid fees will be turned in to the office after the dates above.