The National Art Honor Society emphasizes outstanding artistic scholarship and service to the school and community through the development of artistic endeavors together with a strong moral character. By exemplifying these standards, the individual student members of the society promote an awareness of art and become active participants in the education process at their school and in their community.  We are charter #2056 Guntersville High School

    Our pledge, "I will in my life, to the best of my ability through my talents in art, help  to create a more beautiful world, for myself, for human kind, and for all living things."
    Members 2019/2020
    President -  Skylar Park 
    Vice President - Meagan Mosley 
    Treasurer - Katelyn Rogers 
    Parlementarian -  Hilda Jordan 
    Historian -   Jordan Beasley 
    Miss and Mr. NAHS : Miss Madison Wiesner  and  Mr. Joe Patton