What is NEWS about Farm to School in Alabama

  • So what exactly are our farmers in Alabama currently growing and providing to our schools?  It is November and we have three farms in our great State providing the unique and high-quality fruit known as the Satsuma!

    So what exactly is a Satsuma?  These small, seedless citrus fruits are nicknamed "Christmas Oranges" because they're served as a Christmas treat in Great Britian.  They make a terrific holiday treat right here in Alabama too!  One needs a lot of patience to cultivate these little fruits - after planting a Satsuma seed, it can take several years for the first fuit to actually be produced.  Did you know there's a town in South Alabama named after these delicious citurs fruits?  Road trip anyone??  

    Let me introduce one of our farmers who grows Satsumas on his family farm in South Alabama, Farmer Jeremy Sessions from Sessions Farm.  The Sessions family has been in the farming business for over 70 years. In fact, his father and uncle still farm today.  You may meet Farmer Jeremy in one of our schools as he plays a key role in the Farm to School initiative enjoyed by our students in Alambama schools.