Testing Information

  • AMERICAN COLLEGE TESTS (ACT) The American College Tests are offered six times during the school year to students who plan to enter college. The ACT is given off-site on Saturdays. The months for testing are September, October, December, February, April, and June. Locally, the test is given at both Snead and Arab High School on specific Saturdays and other local sites on some Saturdays. Preregistration is required about one month before the testing date (see website for guidelines); ACT prefers online registration with a Visa or MasterCard.  FEE Waivers are available in Guidance for students on the free/reduced lunch program.  The FEE waiver will allow students to register for the ACT 4 times for FREE.  See Ms. Kee for details.  For more information, practice tests, or to register, go to  

    REQUIREMENT: Students must upload a 2" x 2" picture to the ACT site as they register online. There is also a way to mail the picture to ACT. Once mailed or uploaded, the "mug shot" will be valid for two year. It will not be returned. The picture will be placed on the admission ticket. Students must also have a government issues photo ID along with their picture-enhanced admission ticket to be admitted to the testing site.

    ASVAB:  Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery  The ASVAB is the most widely used multiple-aptitude test battery in the world. It assesses a student's ability to learn new skills and is a predictor of success in training and education programs.  The ASVAB Career Exploration Program offers more than just a test.  It includes an interest inventory and other activities and resources designed to help students explore the world of work and gain confidence in making career decisions.  Guntersville High School juniors will take the ASVAB at school in the fall as they start a career exploration program that will continue throughout their junior year. There is no charge. Students will receive a booklet to share with parents after the program is underway. For more information or practice tests, go to

    PSAT/NMSQT October:  This is the National Merit scholarship competition entry test for juniors. It is governed by The College Board.  The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a multiple-choice test that measures verbal, writing, and mathematical reasoning abilities important to doing college work. The PSAT/NMSQT gives students the unique opportunity to assess their verbal and mathematical skills, forecast SAT scores, discover whether they would be successful in Advanced Placement courses, participate in the Student Search Service, and qualify for scholarship and enrichment programs (Merit Scholarships, Achievement Scholarships, and National Hispanic Scholar Awards). It must be taken in their junior year to qualify for the awards. The PSAT will be offered to 10th and 11th-grade students who register to take it for practice. The test is in mid-October and a January date has been added for the 2020-21 school year. 

    THE COLLEGE BOARD/SAT:  Scholastic Aptitude Test (not to be confused with the Stanford Achievement Tests taken in the lower grades). Perhaps the most widely used college admission test in the nation, the SAT is offered seven times during the year on Saturdays at local sites. The test is composed of the Verbal, Math, and Writing sections. The test is scored from 1-2400 with each section being valued at 800 points. To register, go to The SAT offers resources for practice with an official question of the day, a free practice test, SAT Skills insight, My SAT Online Score report to view your strengths and weaknesses, My College QuickStart (based on your PSAT score), Score Choice, and Student Search Service. SAT also offers specific SUBJECT tests which many selective colleges require for admission.  SAT requires the picture to be uploaded to the registration site so that it will appear on the admission ticket.

    National Collegiate Athletic Association Clearinghouse (NCAA). The NCAA website is This organization checks academic eligibility, including ACT and/or SAT scores and transcripts, of prospective college-bound athletes for both Division I and Division II sports. Parents and students interested should log on to the website during the student's eighth or ninth grade to see core course requirements, check the core courses/credits approved by NCAA for Guntersville High School, and other guidelines set by NCAA. A printable copy of the NCAA Guidelines is online. At the completion of a student's junior year, he/she must register online with the Clearinghouse (cost ranges from $60-$70), and request that the counselor send a copy of the current high school transcript.  (Early registration is not recommended; a transcript with six semesters is preferred.) NCAA payment is done online with a credit card. The Clearinghouse requires that the student request that ACT and/or SAT send copies of scores directly to them. The student must make that request when he/she registers to take either test by including the NCAA code of 9999 as one of the choices to receive the score. If the student participates in the federally funded lunch program and has used an ACT or SAT fee waiver, the NCAA application fee can be waived. The senior counselor must verify that information; therefore, the student should alert the counselor to expect a verification notice from the NCAA. A copy of the final transcript will be sent in early June, after graduation, so that the NCAA can verify completion of high school requirements.