• The Guntersville City School System realizes the importance of safe schools. We are committed to providing our teachers, students, and the entire community an atmosphere that promotes teaching and learning in a safe and secure environment. We are continually striving to promote a climate that allows students to reach her/his fullest potential. These efforts focus on schools that are free of drugs, violence, intimidation, and fear. This is accomplished through all involved stakeholders working together for the betterment of our school system. We also provide knowledge and training in tornado safety, fire safety, and personal safety in times of crisis throughout the year.

    The Guntersville City School System welcomes parents to participate in the issue of safety. We encourage parental input in this area and believe this is an area that can foster positive relations for all. It has been proven that students whose families are active in the educational and social growth of their children are more likely to experience success both in and out of school and are less likely to become involved in anti-social activities. In addition, we work closely with a variety of local, state, and federal agencies to ensure safety.

    The Guntersville City School System, and each of the four schools within it, developed a safety plan which helps identify potential problems. These problems are addressed in our safety plans and each school is responsible for appropriate responses and corresponding actions. Schools should be safe havens for students and teachers and places where nurturing and academic fulfillment take place on a daily basis. It is our intent and commitment to provide this type of atmosphere for the betterment of all involved stakeholders.