• Welcome to
    Commerce & Information Technology!!!

    I'm so excited about our Citizen's Wildcat Branch returning to GHS this year!!!! Our branch is fully operated by our student tellers and is opened to GHS students and faculty/staff. We are opened during 5th period every day except for Thursdays. Checking accounts are free for students and you can receive money back for your iTunes or Amazon accounts!!! Stop by and see your local Wildcat Branch Teller today!!!

    Please visit my website as often as you like! You can find my schedule, lesson plans, and other important information. I post assignments in Google Classroom. If you are absent, check there for missed work, and see me the day you return to find out what you might have missed.
    Please feel free to contact me any time! The office number is 256-582-2046 and my email address is angieblanchard@gcboe.net.