Welcome to the Art Room 

        Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

                                                                         ~Pablo Picasso

    Class Fees High School

    Advanced Art  $55.00 per year
    General Studio Art

    Class Fees Middle School
    Studio Art   $30.00
    My Schedule
    1st Period - GMS
    2nd Period - GMS
    3rd Period - Travel / Plan
    4th Period - 3D Art  -Advanced Level Class
    5th Period - 2D Art  
     (3rd Lunch) /HS
    6th Period - General Studio Art  /HS
    7th Period General Studio Art /HS
    email: valeriejones@gcboe.net

    Congratulations Maggie Bachman!

    Congratulations Maggie Bachman! 

    Maggie's original artwork is now in the United States Capital for one year.  Best In Show 2017 Congressional District Art Competition Winner!


    Congratulations Libbi Geoghagan - her design was used for the Apple Race !