• Mrs Heather R Chaffin     

    Hello, Guntersville Middle School students and parents!  My name is Heather Rogers Chaffin, and I am very happy to be serving students as the Math Interventionist.  I am actually a 26.5-year retired teacher from Madison City Schools where I spent my entire career with students in the classroom while implementing lots of intervention strategies.  I was a member of our district math leadership team, and I am very thankful for the time I served on that committee because it gave me the opportunity for additional research in math curriculum development and intervention strategies.  Now, as a part-time interventionist, I'm doing what I really love, which is strengthening students' confidence, mental stamina, and executive function while focusing on a strong mathematic foundation.  Most students who struggle in math usually lack foundational skills such as basic fact fluency, number sense, and mental math strategies.  My job is to strengthen that foundation and provide "mental tools" to allow students to become more comfortable with what they are doing in their grade-level math classes.  I also provide support for the math teachers here at GMS when needed, in terms of reviewing and remediation with my students on what is being taught in their grade-level math classes.  Why do I love intervention?  I was not the best math student in school, so it is a passion of mine to show students that you don't have to love math to be able to do it.  Anyone can "do the math" with the right mental tools and strategies paired with a strong foundation!  It makes me so happy to provide a support that I did not have in school. I have also been on the parent side when trying to help my own daughters at home, and I understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to help.   If I can be of any "math help" assistance to you, as a parent or as a math student, please do not hesitate to reach out!  I look forward to another great school year here at GMS!