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Pre-K Random Selection

On Monday March 30, we conducted the Random Selection Process for our 2020-2021 PreK classrooms at Guntersville Elementary.  The first 54 names will be guaranteed a seat in our PreK Academy.  We have submitted a grant for an additional classroom and should know in early June if we are able to place an additional 18 students (numbers 55-72) in order to bring our total enrollment to 72 students.  If you are in numbers 1-54, an email will be sent from the Department of Early Childhood on April 16 inviting you to accept the invitation to our PreK Academy.  You should respond to this email by April 18.  If you are in numbers 55-72, you will be placed on a waiting list with hopes that our grant will be approved in early June.  As soon as we know the outcome of the grant process, we will contact you.

Thank you for your support of our school system.  We are pleased to welcome our newest Wildcats!
Click Here to watch the video of the random selection of Pre-K names.

Below is the list of names in order:

01. Mason Strange
02. Mary Shelton
03. Talia Panisse
04. Lucas Bryant
05. Xander Morrison
06. Emersyn Lamer
07. Jack Lang
08. Lacy Mosley
09. Lewis O'Shields
10. Greyson Mayer
11. Thomas Martin Jefferson
12. Ava Frey
13. Gabriel Alexandre
14. Chanel Shanklin
15. Ajayah Armmer
16. McCollum Waldrop
17. Maleigha Noblitt
18. Emberly Horton
19. Gray Seguin
20. Logan Murray
21. Jonathan Dalrymple II
22. Jeb Meredith
23. Jonathan Gary
24. Meghan Lauer
25. Isabel Plumstead
26. John Burdett
27. Meredith Burdett
28. Joanna Mazunda
29. Elsa Larson
30. Pyper Foutch
31. Kendall Ard
32. Anne Marie Everett
33. Foster Partain
34. Conner Turner
35. Mollie Mason
36. Bristol Gelding
37. Hartford Nichols
38. Braylen Carr
39. Anna Baker
40. William Luke Brazelton
41. Cora Gibson
42. Cash Hooper
43. Trey Erby
44. Thomas Brown
45. Gannon King
46. Brennan Floyd
47. Gavin Carroll
48. Kannon Carroll
49. Cora Ehmke
50. Mac Reed
51. Kaynon Hampton
52. Saylor Wolford
53. Mia Sessum
54. Taylon Johnson

Waiting list:
55. Maisie Ross
56. Brisheida Andres Mendoza
57. Jackson Pate
58. Tylee Norwood
59. Emmaline Brown
60. Jack Thompson
61. Judd Shelton
62. Bowen Burgett
63. Grant Hendrix
64. London Moore
65. Aiden Dupree
66. Huck Hanner
67. Sadie Bodine
68. Sadie Rutland
69. Emmerson Rice
70. Mila Martin
71. Remi Nailor
72. Abbett Hudson