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Classroom Supply Money

2018 - 2019
    AgriScience   Smith   $30/year
    Anatomy   Cahill   $10/year
    Aqua Science   Latta   $10/year
    Art / Studio Art   Jones   $40/year
    Advanced Art   Jones   $55/year
    Band (all classes)   Hyman   $50/year
    Banking   Blanchard   $25/year
    Biology (AP & Pre-AP only)   Parsons   $10/year
    Ceramics/Photography   Jones   $55/year
    Chemistry (AP & Pre-AP only)   Alves   $10/year
    Choir - Concert   Smallwood   $25/year
    Choir - Ladies Chorale   Smallwood   $35/year
    Choir - Show   Smallwood   $50/year
    Driver's Education   Chaffin  
    Engineering   Lockhart/White   $25/year
    English Printing Fee   All   $10/year
    Event Planning   Reese   $25/year
    Family & Consumer Science   Reese   $25/year
    Food Innovations   Reese   $25/year
    Forensics   Alves   $10/year
    Health Science   Bright   $25/year
    Marketing   Lett   $25/year
    Project Lead the Way   Lockhart/White   $25/year
    Video Prod/Multimedia   Harbison   $25/year