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Virtual Attendance for 2nd Semester

As this semester begins, we are making changes for virtual students.  In order to support learning and engagement as well as provide structure and accountability for student success, virtual students will be required to join GHS classes everyday via Google Meetings.  The guidance counselors will be changing virtual students' “PLP classes” to 1st-7th period classes this week.  Virtual students should begin working in the new Schoology tiles on Monday, January 11, 2021.  

Class attendance and assignment deadlines will be enforced for virtual students. Students who are absent from class due to not participating in the required Google meeting(s) must comply with the attendance policy and submit a doctor or parent note to excuse their absence.

Virtual students are expected to:

  • Join Google meetings by accessing links in the Schoology tile for each class. 
  • Be punctual, participate in classes, and complete assignments as instructed by the teacher. 
  • Utilize an appropriate space for class participation. A bed is not an acceptable setting. 
  • Comply with behavioral and performance requirements/expectations as outlined in the GHS Student Handbook, and dress appropriately for “school”.
  • Turn on video while participating in class meetings and mute the microphone. Students may ask questions by “raising their hand” and then unmuting their microphones.
  • Fax or email excuses to GHS when absent from class(es) within 3 days to excuse an absence.  Fax #: 256-582-4742, or Email:

Accommodations will be made allowing travel time to/from GHS campus for AP classes, strength training, band, etc.  Virtual attendance is not required for AP/Dual Enrollment, Enrichment, Credit Recovery, and/or Study Hall classes.   

Our goal is to maximize the opportunities for student learning in the virtual environment. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we make these changes.