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Crimson Guard Power Partner Sponsors

This is to let you know about an exciting opportunity to participate in a Corporate Sponsorship Program, Power Partners, which benefits the Guntersville High School Crimson Guard Band.

Currently our program relies solely on the Band Boosters’ many fundraising efforts such as volunteering at Hydrofest, catalog sales, Coke sales, bagging groceries, and other small events. (Covid-19 has limited what we have been able to do with fundraising.)  To maintain the exciting growth of our band, we have the Power Partners Sponsorship Program. This program has five levels of participation that are based on contribution amounts: Copper ($100), Bronze ($500), Silver($1,000), Gold ($2,500), and Platinum ($5,000+). The benefits of each sponsorship level are listed on the attached sheet. The donations from your sponsorship will be used for:

  • Instruments and repairs
  • Uniforms
  • Specialty instructors
  • Competition and transportation fees
  • Scholarships for band fees and trip cost 

We participate in many activities including parades, competitions and musical events, ensuring that your sponsorship will be recognized not only in our area but also throughout the state. Last fall, the Crimson Guard was selected to participate in the oldest Thanksgiving parade in the country in Philadelphia. We also represented our community in 6 ABC Dunkin’s 100th Thanksgiving Parade.

There are over 120 students involved in the Crimson Guard Band including the Crimson Belles, concert band, percussion, jazz, and our ever-expanding middle school program--all which are under the direction of Mr. Skylar McHan. Guntersville has also added a new full-time Assistant Director, Ms. Jessica Light, to the Crimson Guard program. She will be teaching at GMS as well as assisting with all the marching and concert band programs.

Our students are what make this organization successful and award-winning. Through the Crimson Guard, students are exposed to the amazing world of music, hard work, friendship, cooperation, and the joy of performing. These experiences motivate them to achieve in other areas of their lives. Many students move on to compete in bands at the collegiate level. Their time in the Crimson Guard Band provides them with leadership and performance opportunities that prepare them to be motivated leaders in our community. They will have the creativity, commitment to a high standard of performance, and the work ethic to compete in a global market.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Crimson Guard Band Boosters program will help us meet the budget requirements for the 2021-2022 season, which runs from July through May. Please consider sending in your pledge form today to help the Crimson Guard continue its legacy of greatness!

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