AHSAA Participant Agreement, Consent, and Release Form

Part 1. Student Agreement, Consent, And Release (to be signed by student at the bottom)
I know of no reason why I am not eligible to represent my school in interscholastic athletic competition. If accepted as a representative, I agree to follow the rules of my school and AHSAA and to abide by their decisions. I know that athletic participation is a privilege. I know of the risks involved in athletic participation and choose to accept such risks. I hereby authorize the use or disclosure of my individually identifiable health information should treatment for illness or injury become necessary. I hereby consent to the disclosure by my school to AHSAA, upon its request, and hereby grant AHSAA the right to review all records including my SSID number relevant to my athletic eligibility including, but not limited to, my records relating to enrollment and attendance, academic standing, age, discipline, residence and physical fitness.
AHSAA Consent 2019-20.pdf, 133.03 KB; (Last Modified on August 9, 2019)